I have to share some amazingly delicious clean eating treats with you.  The company that makes them is Hail Merry.

Hail Merry products are all raw, vegan and gluten free.  They use cold pressed coconut oil.  I am a big fan of coconut oil.  The benefits of coconut oil have been highly publicized lately; to name a few they can increase metabolism, help reduce bad cholesterol and it tastes great too.

They use organic maple syrup and raw blue agave to sweeten their foods…no sugar in their products!

Macaroons blonde – holy flippin camoli!  This is the kind of treat I like to sit down for, close my eyes and focus on each bite slowly but surely.  No joke.  That is what I do with special treats.  My hubby pokes fun but that is ok.  I have no shame in my game.  Need I say again – holy freakin cow these are muy delicioso!!  I am salivating just reminiscing in their glory.  Wowsers!  They are a healthy fat but that doesn’t you can down them mindlessly non stop (hence the sitting with eyes clothes savoring every bit) b/c they do have 11 g of fat per 2 macaroons but wow what a sweet treat.

 Macaroons choco – really, are there many more words I can say to convey how much I love these balls of goodness.  Although I did like the blonde ones more, me oh my, I am sooo in love with these too.   Remember both kinds of macaroons should be thought of as treats.  Clean treats; but I still suggest eating them in moderation.

Vanilla maple almonds – oh my stinkin goodness.  Are these people trying to kill me with how good their treats are!!  I my goodness be.  I can’t handle this.  I want to sit down with the whole bag and devour them in one shot.

We also tried the pecans; both the orange rosemary and chimayo chile. I am not a fan of pecans but my hubby is and he loved both of these.  I did try them both and although I am still not a fan, they were better then plain ol’ pecans.  The chimayo chile had a kick, tasted peppery.  The orange rosemary was fresh tasting.  If you like pecans I bet you will love these.

 The salt and pepper sunflower seeds are a great option to add to salads for some extra crunch.

The orange cranberry grawnola was very tasty.  It is said to be enjoyed by the handful and is low in sugar and carbs.

So if you haven’t figured it out by now, I am a fan of Hail Merry.  You can read more about their products at www.hailmerry.com


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