So you may have noticed my post and page about AdvoCare, an amazing health and wellness company I am now working with.  Well they have an awesome 24 day challenge I wanted to tell you about.  This challenge goes along with you working out and eating clean. AdvoCare always promotes proper nutrition and with this challenge you will get helpful information to really guide you in the proper things to eat.  Pairing those things together along with the products in the 24 day challenge you can see amazing results and this is very exciting.  I am doing the challenge myself and I like how I feel.  I have always worked out hard and consistently and I do my best to eat healthy.  Like many of you I have always known the proper way to eat but at times I would struggle with over doing my carbs (and knowing I was) and falling in to sugar temptation (my biggest weakness) too often.  Oh sugar!  How I love you and how I wish(ed) that I could live on you alone and wish it was healthy to eat you.  What a world that would be, having candy corn and cookies be healthy staples in your diet - oh what a dream :)  Ok enough of that.  I have always been conscious of my sugar intake and always tried to limit it but it has always been a constant struggle and I mean constant, a daily battle.  I have found that with the structure of this challenge and the products I am taking with it, it is helping me stay in line.  I am not saying that sugar will never enter my mouth again b/c honestly that would be kind of a sad world and I don't like to think unrealistically but I do believe these products are helping me get a hold of the temptations that constantly lurk around me when sugar comes a calling.   I feel like I can control my cravings better and so far have done great (right now I am on day 8 but when you read this i may be way passed that so you can ask me how i am still doing if you want).

I want to talk to you each about the challenge b/c I really think it can help you.  This is how it works...well for starters like I mentioned above I would give you guidance on what to eat during the challenge (and hopefully taking some of those habits beyond the challenge).  The first 10 days of the challenge are known as the cleanse.  You do your best to cut out:  alcohol, sugar, processed food, white bread and pasta, dairy and fried foods.  The cleanse is like changing the oil in your car.  Takes out the bad so your body is ready to accept all the good you put into it.  ** In fact, no matter which AdvoCare products you want to take I 100% highly recommend starting with the cleanse, you will not have as much success without it**  On the cleanse you will be taking a fiber drink 6 out of the 10 days, some probiotics and a few other products that will help rejuvenate and cleanse your digestive system to aid in removing all the accumulated toxins that may contribute to weight gain.
The 2nd part of the challenge is called the burn phase (max phase), these are days 11-24.  I will also give you nutrition guidance during this phase as well.  You introduce a few more products and this is often where people really see the weight dropping off.  During this Max phase you will give your body the best tools to achieve your next weight management goal.

You can buy the standard 24 day bundle which consists of:
-1 box of meal replacement shakes (taken days 11-24) ** i highly recommend buying a 2nd box so you can take it all 24 days.  you can easily add one more to your shopping cart.
-one box of Herbal Cleanse
- one box of Omegaplex
- 2 different boxes of spark (energy drink)
- and a box of MNS (which is a nutrition system that will help you with appetite control, energy and cravings.
You can buy the standard bundle just like that or if you can it is the best idea to add Catalyst, which is known is lipo in a bottle.  Also smart to add Thermoplus which helps stimulate your metabolism.
In fact i have put a few different bundles together on my home page that you can easily look through and buy with one click.  There are different options to do doing the challenge.  Some with more help then others.  I believe it is smart to add those extra products I mentioned above to really maximize the rewards you can receive from this program and if you can buy some extra shakes and also get the canister of spark instead of the box of individual packets, it will last you longer and is more cost effective and I think you will like this spark so much you will want to keep taking it so you will want the bigger bottle.  With that said I know that budget can be a concern for many people so if that is a worry then I can help you choose some individual products that may help you if you cannot afford the whole challenge.  Do keep in mind that you will be saving money by not spending extra money on breakfast and you will not be buying a lot of the junk you were wasting money on before like processed food that really adds up too, so you will really be spending about the same amount as you are right now with your typical diet.

Check out my site at;  www.amysadvocare.com  read about all the different bundles and/or products you are interested in and ask me your questions.  Let me know how you can help.  you can place your order easily through my site as well and there will be times I will have products on hand so you can ask me about that.

I can also tell you how you can earn a discount.

I would love to help you through this challenge.  I really believe that by adding these products to your exercise routine and healthy eating you will see the benefits.  If you are a stuck in  a rut I think this will be just the thing to help you out!

I am looking forward to working with you!!