I am having an Open House!!

When: Saturday, September 10th

Interested in training with me in my studio or joining me for one of my rounds of bootcamp or beginning bootcamp/basic fitness? Now is the perfect time to come see my studio, chat with me and see what I have to offer.

There will be sign up sheets for upcoming classes (next rounds begin mid/late September).

Sign up and pay for a round of classes or a pack of personal training sessions and you will get a free water bottle.

I will have some AdvoCare products available for purchase or you can just ask me about them and order from my site on your own as well. **special for day of open house** – if you buy any of the AdvoCare products I have on hand I will cover the shipping charges.

Amy VanDalen from Sun-Kissed Studio will have a tent set up for spray tans. Cost for a tan during the open house is $20 and all proceeds to The Abbey Project. Amy does a great job with tans; you will love how it makes you look. No appt necessary. If you plan on getting a tan please shower and exfoliate before you come.

If you know any friends that may be interested, please pass this along.  Word of mouth really is my best advertising!