Alright, I have one more giveaway planned and it is just in time for Mother's Day.  You will love this, I sure do.  Not too long ago I ran across Fashletics  and they have such cute stuff.  As mentioned on their site Fashletics is a collection of handmade jewelry inspired by a passion for fitness, competition, and a strong desire to empower others who have made a commitment to a fit and healthy lifestyle. Each piece of jewelry serves a badge of honor and an expression of strength.  They have jewelry and clothing that is not only very cute but also inspirational and we all could use a little inspiration when it comes to working out right!! 

Sarah was kind enough to send me 2 items.  One to review myself and one to offer in a giveaway.  First I am showing you what is up for grabs in the giveaway

This inspire necklace.  How cute right!  What inspires you to work out?  I often think of my 4 year old son Baker who has Menkes Disease and among so many other things is unable to walk, or even sit or stand and I think of what he would give to be able to run and play.  I have the ability; so I need to do it for him.

They sent me this awesome tank top and I love it. They have it in a few different colors and also have it in short sleeve for those times you don't want to fully show your guns :)
I tried not to do too close up of a picture so you would not be too scared off from my guns and get unrealistic expectations for yourself.....hehe  Live Love Lift is what the shirt says.   Honestly I felt a little silly just standing there for a pic so went for this action shot :)

You need to check out their site.  They have so many items I would love to have on my bday and Mother's Day list which are both coming up very soon I might add :)
Speaking of Mother's Day this giveaway will end just in time if you want to give the necklace as a gift to your Mother who inspires you or even if you want to give it as a present to yourself.

Here are the details to enter:
- Like me on FB and tell me you did
- Like Fashletics on FB and tell me you did
- Tell me what your favorite gear to workout in is

For an extra entry (one extra entry per item done):
- Follow my blog and tell me you did
- Share this giveaway on your blog or FB page and tell me you did

I will be randomly selecting a winner this Saturday May 12th.


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  1. I love to workout in Nike clothes. They just always fit great for my shape, and I love lululemon too -- but it's so darn expensive.

  2. Like u on Facebook. Liked Fashletics on Facebook. Always follow your blog... favorite workout clothes has to be my black Adidas tank. Nice and long. I can't do t-shirts, I get too hot! (Not trying to show off my guns)

  3. I like Nike gear for workouts, lots of colors and great comfort.

  4. I liked you and Fashletics on FB. Follow your blog. Favorite work out gear ... Xersion Running capris (found at JCP), Champion or Moving Comfort sports bras, and I'm falling in love with WOD addiction tops - they're super comfortable! (

  5. My favorite gear is a Skirt Sports skirt and whatever technical top I have hanging around - usually the latest race swag.

  6. I liked you on Facebook and I <3 Fashletics!! Their stuff is so cute! My favorite workout gear is a pair of old, worn 3/4 high school sweatpants. They are comfortable, flexible, light butt looks fantastic in them! <3

  7. I like you on FB (love the pics of your studio). I have liked Fashletics on FB for a while, that is how I heard of you... favorite clothing to work out in would be--->
    my Under Armor capris (feels like I am not wearing anything) and my ALO running tank (that boasts that I am a Spartan Chick and VERY proud to be).

  8. Liked you and Fashletics on FB. After trying many, many sports bras, I found one I LOVE in the most surprising place....Target. The C9 by Champion is still my fav...and at under $20 it's a double bonus!

  9. Hope I am not too late... I like you on FB from my page Eat Run sail