It is getting to be that time of year; the Holidays are right around the corner so time to start shopping!   What a better idea to give someone then the gift of fitness.  I have Gift Certificates available so let me know who you would like one for and I will get one ready.



For those of you who want to have a session with me early in the morning but are afraid about having time to run back home and get ready for work; well feel free to get ready here.  I have a shower in the studio and you are free to get ready here for work or wherever you have to go.   Book your appointment today.



Want to save a little money and do your training sessions with a partner but don't have anyone in mind?  Email me and I will see if I can find someone that will be a good match for you.



I see so many people that wear their athletic shoes way past their prime.  Yes, they may look good on the outside but chances are they are wearing down on the inside and they can do more harm then good.

It is important to be aware of when your shoes need to be replaced. If they are no longer absorbing the pounding and jarring action, you are more likely to sustain ankle, shin and knee injuries. Athletic shoes will lose their cushioning after three to six months of regular use (or 350 to 500 miles of running). However, look at the wear patterns as a good indicator for replacement. Any time the shoe appears to be wearing down unevenly, especially at the heel, it is time to replace the shoes. Additionally, if the traction on the soles of the shoes is worn flat, it is time for new shoes.

Some tips from ACE (American Council on Exercise) for how your shoes should fit:

•General recommendations include get fitted for footwear toward the end of the day. It’s not unusual for an individual’s foot to increase by half a shoe size during the course of a single day. However, if you plan to exercise consistently at a specific time, consider getting fitted at that exact time.

•Allow a space up to the width of your index finger between the end of your longest toe and the end of the shoe. This space will accommodate foot size increases, a variety of socks and foot movement within the shoe without hurting your toes.

•The ball of the foot should match the widest part of the shoe and you should have plenty of room for your toes to wiggle without experiencing slippage in the heel.

•Shoes shouldn’t rub or pinch any area of your foot or ankle. Rotate your ankles when trying on shoes, and pay attention to the sides of your feet and the top of your toes, common areas for blisters.

•Wear the same weight of socks that you intend to use during activity. Look for socks that are made with synthetic fibers such as acrylic, polyester or Coolmax® for better blister prevention.

Proper footwear is so important not only for your comfort during your workout but your safety!



According to a study at the Duke University just four months of exercise is as good as prescription meds at boosting your mood and reducing depression.  So not only will you look better you will feel better too!  Contact me today to book a training session.



I am so excited to finally be telling people about my studio.  This has been a dream of mine for a long time and Jeromy and I have talked about it for awhile and after a lot of hours and hard work (I am very lucky to have a very "handy" husband...he has worked so hard on this) I am ready to start working with clients here.   Please check out the rest of my blog and contact me if you would like to make an appointment.
Also, I wanted to say a special thanks to Sarah Ortiz for designing my business cards which you see at the top of the blog.  Creativity is not one of my strong points and it certainly is hers.
Thanks to Kip, Zack, Troy, Andy, Kevin and my brother and sister for the help you provided.



I am very excited to say that the time is coming closer and my studio will be opening soon!   Contact me soon to reserve a spot because space will be limited.  Stay tuned for more details but please check out the rest of my blog for information about my services as well as other helpful health information!



Setting small attainable goals is important in your success. If you have a lot of weight to lose sometimes thinking of the whole picture can be a bit overwhelming. For example if you need to lose 100 lbs to be in a healthy range, focusing on that can make you feel like your goal is so far away and you may get discouraged and give up. That is why I feel it is important to set smaller goals, like going down one jean size or walking or jogging a mile without stopping or focusing on 10 lbs at a time. That way you experience success when you reach those mini goals and you are motivated to go on and reach the next goal.

When pushing through and trying to reach your goals, please don't think shows like The Biggest Loser, offer results that are typical or easily attainable in a short period of time. It is important that you know with proper nutrition and exercise losing 1/2 - 2 pounds a week is more typical then what you see on that show (understand that if you have more weight to lose you are going to lose it at a quicker rate, it is those last 5-10 lbs that go slower and harder). Those contestants work out hours and hours every day (I have read 8 hours before but not sure if that is accurate) and they don't have distractions and responsibilities such as work and family and they don't have a lot of the temptations like fast food or junk food lying around the house that you may face on a daily basis.   Those things make a huge difference!   I have had clients come to me thinking they should be able to lose it as fast as the contestants on that show and they get disappointed and frustrated when they don't. Slow and steady wins the race! I find the most successful people don't rush it. Gradually make adjustments in your daily living that add up and help you achieve success.

For your final weight goal try not to have an exact number on the scale be your goal, a range is better. So many people get stuck on hitting a number they were once at or have always wanted to be at and that can set you up for disappointment. As you begin working out you gain muscle mass and that is a good thing. Increasing your muscle mass increases your metabolism and makes you burn more calories even at rest BUT when you increase your muscle mass the number on the scale may not drop down as low as you want BUT that is OK, you will look better b/c you are losing fat and gaining muscle therefor looking healthier and more fit!   A lb of muscle and a lb of fat of course both weight the same (a lb. he he) but a lb of musle takes up less space then a lb of fat so you may look tighter and smaller but weigh the same or more then you did when you didn't have the muscle and had fat instead BUT please believe it is better to have that extra weight from the increased muscle mass then to be unhealthy with the extra fat that you had before!

Believe in yourself, work hard and don't give up.  I believe in you!



Motivation is such a key to working out.  Find something that drives you and focus on that.   Whether it is fitting in a certain pair of jeans, or wearing a bikini again or just being able to walk up that flight of stair without feeling winded, those are the things that will push you.   For me, it is a recent quote I found in a magazine that pushes me "Do it for those who can't".   I have a special needs child, who among other things, cannot walk, so thinking of him can push me through the last mile of my run.   Having motivational people around you can be key as well, whether it be a family member verbally motivating you or a friend working out with you or maybe I will have that honor of pushing you through a hard workout it is up to you!   Best of luck!



Has it been years since you have worked out, or maybe you never really have?   Have you been working out for what feels like forever but need some help with that extra push so you can  reach your goals?  Whatever your level is, I am here to help you!



It is so common to put yourself and what is important to you on the back burner.  We get busy taking care of our kids, doing our job, doing chores, homework etc that we don't take care of the machine that makes that all run....our bodies.   You can wear yourself down by being so busy with those every day tasks, that is why it is so critical that we all realize how important it is that we make ourselves a priority.  Your family needs you, your job needs you so it is your job to take care of yourself, no one else is going to do it.  I know working out makes me a better mom, sometimes yes, it can be hard to find the time but I know if I do I will release my stress and sweat out so many of my troubles and come back to my kids a happier and better mom and that is what is most important.  
Find a time that works for you, maybe it is early in the morning before your kids get up, or while they take a nap or after they go to bed; maybe you and your friends could take turns watching eachothers kids so you can have free time to exercise.   Whatever that time may be, make it a priority to schedule "you time".  I would love to be able to help you make the best of your "you time" so contact me today, space is limited.



STRESS....Believe me, I get it.   If you are busy raising kids, going to school, working or a combo of all of those I am sure you experience at least some degree of stress.   Let me tell you, exercise is what gets me through it and I know it can help you too.   It is good to implement exercise into your daily or weekly routine to help combat stress before it happens or at least next time you are feeling stressed get in a good sweat session and I know it will help.   Book a session with me today and let me take the stress out of trying to plan your own routine!