TUE/THUR 6am Round Starting Soon

Taking sign ups for another round of bootcamp.  Here are the details:
-Classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-7am
-First Class is November 8th
-Goes for 8 weeks
-Cost is $130
You will get a nutrition/wellness folder at the start of the round and each week I will give you a healthy recipe to add to your folder.
Only a few spots left so contact me today!  CLASS NOW FULL



I am taking sign ups for another round of BEGINNER BOOTCAMP.  Classes will run Wed's at 4:15pm and Sat's at 7:15am for 4 weeks.  Cost is $70.  Class begins Oct 26th.  Healthy recipe given each week as well as a nutrition/wellness booklet at the start.
Workouts consists of weights, cardio, core work and stretching in an easy to follow format.  I up the intensity options for those that need it.  This is a great way to start your time in group fitness or even to get you in the routine of good, consistent workouts.  Don't let the word 'bootcamp' scare you off, you can do this.  
I would love to have you join us, space is limited so contact me today.



It is time for another round of classes to start.  I have 3 different groups that are open:

- M/W/F 5:15 am - 8 weeks (full)
- BEGINNER BOOTCAMP - Wed's 4:15pm and Saturdays 7:15am - 4 weeks (4 spots left)

Classes Begin the week of September 26th and spaces are limited so contact me soon.

Check out my Bootcamp Page (you can click on it along the right side of this page) for more details!



I am having an Open House!!

When: Saturday, September 10th

Interested in training with me in my studio or joining me for one of my rounds of bootcamp or beginning bootcamp/basic fitness? Now is the perfect time to come see my studio, chat with me and see what I have to offer.

There will be sign up sheets for upcoming classes (next rounds begin mid/late September).

Sign up and pay for a round of classes or a pack of personal training sessions and you will get a free water bottle.

I will have some AdvoCare products available for purchase or you can just ask me about them and order from my site on your own as well. **special for day of open house** – if you buy any of the AdvoCare products I have on hand I will cover the shipping charges.

Amy VanDalen from Sun-Kissed Studio will have a tent set up for spray tans. Cost for a tan during the open house is $20 and all proceeds to The Abbey Project. Amy does a great job with tans; you will love how it makes you look. No appt necessary. If you plan on getting a tan please shower and exfoliate before you come.

If you know any friends that may be interested, please pass this along.  Word of mouth really is my best advertising!



I am thrilled to say I can now share Advocare with you!  If you have not heard of it, you are missing out.  Amazing products that have helped so many people on their journey to be fit and healthy.  I went to a training this weekend and was blown away by the stories of the success people are finding with these products.  I have never been so excited to tell people about such amazing products before!  I am getting started on the 24 day challenge myself at the end of the week and would love help you along the way too.  I truly believe you will have success if you follow the program and try some of the products.  I could go on and on about how great everything is but for now I will leave it short and sweet.  Please read more about the products and the company on my website and ask me your specific questions and I would love to get you started!!    People are feeling energy they have been missing, they are losing the weight they have been working so hard at losing and so much more.  Check out my site - it is pretty basic for now but I will add more to it later.

After all we could all stand to feel a little better right!!  Here is my specific site - http://www.amysadvocare.com/



Do you need some extra motivation, a little extra push and direction to get you going with your workouts, but can’t afford to pay for Personal Training each week? Well, Online Personal Training just might be perfect for you! Start off with one (or more if you wish) Personal Training Session (you can do your session with a friend or 2 to save money if you prefer) with me so I can get to know you, your body, your health history, your goals and help you directly with your form to make sure you are doing things safely and then from there we can set it up so I can email you once a week with your workouts for the week. You will tell me the equipment you have at home (such as dumbbells, ball, band, treadmill, any exercise videos you may have or perhaps nothing at all) and I will tell you the workouts you should be doing at home to help reach your goal.

Special Introductory Offer:

After you purchase one (or more) personal training session(s) you can sign up for online personal training for only $10 a week.

Some people really thrive with a plan that is written out for them; so this may be just the tool you are looking for.

Contact me today!



Are you a positive person or a negative person or perhaps somewhere in between?  Let me tell you the power of positivity is a very strong thing.  Believe in yourself, you may heard that 100's of times throughout your life; well if you haven't listened to those words closely it is time you do!  If you don't believe in yourself no one else will!  What kind of attitude do you think you are going to be sending out to your kids, your spouse or even your potential mate if you are negative about yourself all the time?  How are you going to attract positivity if you are negative all the time?  Believe me, I get it!  I really do!  I have struggled with negative thoughts about myself for my entire life but if we want to achieve something like finishing a race, losing weight or maybe even getting through one single workout we have to put it in our head that we can do it and we have to really believe that!  If you dig deep inside and know you can achieve something, guess what - nothing can stop you!  Don't you want to see how far you can go!  What kind of goals you can accomplish!  The possibilities are endless!  Like I have written on one of the walls in my studio - BELIEVE AND YOU WILL ACHIEVE - I love it, lets all believe in ourselves and each other and see what we can make happen!  I would love to help you, contact me today!