Do you need some extra motivation, a little extra push and direction to get you going with your workouts, but can’t afford to pay for Personal Training each week? Well, Online Personal Training just might be perfect for you! Start off with one (or more if you wish) Personal Training Session (you can do your session with a friend or 2 to save money if you prefer) with me so I can get to know you, your body, your health history, your goals and help you directly with your form to make sure you are doing things safely and then from there we can set it up so I can email you once a week with your workouts for the week. You will tell me the equipment you have at home (such as dumbbells, ball, band, treadmill, any exercise videos you may have or perhaps nothing at all) and I will tell you the workouts you should be doing at home to help reach your goal.

Special Introductory Offer:

After you purchase one (or more) personal training session(s) you can sign up for online personal training for only $10 a week.

Some people really thrive with a plan that is written out for them; so this may be just the tool you are looking for.

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