You are not going to want to miss my "Surviving the Holidays the healthy way" class Tuesday, November 20th 6:30-7:30pm. With Thanksgiving next week and Christmas just around the corner you will find this helpful! Not only will you learn the healthy eating choices to make at all the parties you will be going to but also helpful ways to beat the stress that is coming your way and more. Sign up today space is limited!  Only $10



I know this time of year can get super busy and stressful but that is all the more reason to sign up and commit to a class such as this!  It is too easy to put your needs (like exercising and keeping health) off to the side when you get busy with the holiday hustle and bustle.  So put your health needs first.  Commit!  Sign up for this upcoming shorter round of bootcamp to get you through the holiday season.  Just 4 weeks this time and then we will go back to 8 weeks for the following round.

Here are the details:

M/W/F 5:15 am begins FRIDAY Nov 30th.
There will be no class on the following days:  Fri 21st, Mon 24th and Wed 26th which puts the last class on Fri January 4th.
That is 4 weeks.  cost is $78
This group is full
Tue/Thur 6am begins  Tue Dec 4th.
No class on Christmas Day and New Years Day.
Last class on Jan 3rd.
That is 4 weeks.  $65

Contact me to reserve your spot