Remember that your success in trying to achieve better fitness and health is not just measured on the scale or by how your clothes fit.  Yes, progress in those areas are wonderful BUT also pay attention to how you feel, how you sleep, your energy levels and your motivation to name just a few.  When you become physically active and/or start to eat better you are going to feel better.  You are going to be happier, have a better mind set and mood and feel better about yourself and how you handle your daily tasks.  You are also going to sleep better which will give you more energy (eating cleaner and being active also help with this).  Also, when you notice your workouts getting easier or you notice you are feeling great or even feeling better about your appearance you will feel motivated to keep working hard because you are seeing the benefits.  

So many people get hung up on seeing a certain number on the scale but just remember all the other areas in your life (as mentioned above) that you are probably seeing improvement in!!  Focus on the positive and everything else will fall into place.

Keep working hard


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