I want to start highlighting people think I work with and have seen come so far.  I want to applaud dedication and perseverance and give you more proof that hard work will be rewarded!  The first person I want to highlight is Beth Levien.

Me - Before you started a regular exercise program how did you feel?
Beth - I felt like I wanted to lose weight and get in shape but wasn't motivated.

Me - When you signed up for my classes I know you were nervous and
weren't sure what you would be able to do but you have been so dedicated and worked so hard and have come so far, what are you most proud of?
Beth - I am happy with so many little things! I seriously thought I would never be able to do some of things in class that I CAN do now! I used to have a terrible time if I squatted down to get back up, now I can just pop up even holding a grand baby in my arms. My hubby comments on that all the time:) I notice it when I walk up my steps, getting out of bed, I am much more limber than I have been for years! A big thing for me is my back, I have always had a lot of lower back pain but this has really changed, I am sure it is from all the core strengthening exercises we have done!

Me - Tell me what the most rewarding part of taking part in regular exercise is for you?
Beth -  Most rewarding is the praise and encouragement I have gotten 1st of all from my hubby and my sweet daughter in law! I love the way I am feeling and looking and am proud of the things I am now able to do! I can remember the 1st week or two of Boot Camp literally laying on the floor and saying to myself "There is no way I can do that!" and now I can.

Me - Tell me what the most effective thing you do to combat stress is?
Beth - Oh boy that's a hard one! I am kind of a stress eater so it really helps me to keep a bottle of water and something healthy around (almonds) for when the stress hits!

Me - Any special accomplishment you want to share?
Beth - I have a dress from my son's wedding, 8 years ago, even though I probably weigh 10 to 15 pounds fits! My body is definitely toned! I have learned that there is more to it than what the scale says! Oh and did I mention that I can walk across the gym in a plank! Never thought that would happen.

Me - What is your favorite healthy snack/meal?
Beth - Favorite snack is almonds sometimes accompanied by a hard boiled egg. Sometimes I will throw in just a few wasabi and soy almonds as an extra treat!

Me - I know you inspired your hubby to eat healthy and get active as well. It is so nice when your spouse is on board. Do you feel like you have motivated anyone else around you?
Beth - It was great to have my hubby join me when I did the Advocare 24 day challenge and he also started doing some workouts also. So far all of my friends say they would die if they went to Boot Camp, obviously that hasn't happened to me, someday I will convince some of them to join me.

Me- What do you use as your motivation to get up early and come to classes?
Beth - Going to Boot camp with my daughter in law got me going in the first place but now it is something I really feel good about doing. Every morning about 5:30 am I get a Wakie wakie text from her!

Me - Anything else you want to share?
Beth - I really appreciate how every workout is never know what Amy has dreamt up the night before:)! Every time there is a new option to challenge me if I have mastered and easier option!

On March 22 my sweetheart was diagnosed with very aggressive prostate about stress! One week later on March 29 we had surgery and the DR is fairly confident he was able to get all of the cancer. It was a crazy week, I still don't think it has sunk in for either of us. As I mentioned before he had joined me in eating healthier and also working out. It was amazing to see the strength he had in the hospital to move around and he loved it when the nurses commented that he had no fat when they needed to give him shots in his stomach! As for me, I mentioned I have had lots of lower back problems but I spent lots of time leaning over his bed and not a twinge of pain. We definitely see that our lifestyle change prior to this is really making a big difference in his recovery and he can't wait to start working out again....him and I are gonna talk about food though because he really seems to think he should be able to eat ice cream and have milk shakes!:)

Beth is so dedicated and works so hard and I am so proud of her and she is a joy to work with!

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