Amy from Boundless Nutrition recently sent me some samples to review.

First thing I notice of course are the cookies.  If you know me you may know that unfortunately cookies (and candy corn) are my biggest weaknesses in the world.  That is why I try to rarely have them around.  Could it be the God is answering my prayers for a healthy, tasty, gluten free cookie?  I couldn’t wait to find out.

The Perfect FIT Protein Cookies are gluten-free, low sodium, high in antioxidants, and don’t contain soy, wheat, or egg. They come in three flavors: Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, & White Chocolate Macadamia.  They all have:

§           10 grams of protein (how awesome to have a cookie with protein in it)
§           150 calories
§           the equivalent of 3 cups of Green Tea (so in other words loaded with antioxidants)
§           gluten-free, no soy, wheat or eggs
§           7-9 grams of sugar per cookie

I have never had a cookie with high stats like that for protein so I was excited about that.  Also green tea, I have always read the benefits of it but wasn’t able to drink enough per day to actually benefit from it and these give you a great amount of it. 

Ok, so before you bite into them you cannot go in with the mindset of them tasting like your moms monster cookies or your favorite frosted sugar cookies.  If you go in thinking they will taste like that of course you will be disappointed.  These are not piled high with sugar and fat as you can see from the info above so for a healthier cookie the taste is good.  I am not supposed to have peanuts so I only had a taste of that one and of course I thought that one tasted the best.  Chocolate chip was my next favorite followed by white chocolate macadamia.  I could taste a hint of a different flavor behind all of them; I think it was the green tea.  I think these are worth trying out if you are looking for a healthier option to your traditional cookie.

Next was the Oatmega Wellness bars: They come in 4 flavors (listed in order of my preference) Dark Chocolate Mint, Dark Chocolate Peanut, Mocha (and I am not even a mocha person and still loved it) and Blueberry Pomegranate Crunch. Each bar contains:

§           10-14 grams of protein
§           120-190 calories
§           8 grams of sugar or less per bar
§           300 mg DHA and EPA Omega 3′s (equivalent to a 1000mg fish oil supplement)
§           Green Tea Antioxidants

These bars were all super duper tasty.  I shared them all with my kids and they loved them as well.  Don’t let the Omega 3’s scare you off.  They do not taste like fish oil (thank goodness) I have accidentally bitten into a fish oil pill before and wow, YUCK!!!  Word to the wise, do not put your fish oil pills in your pocket along with some almonds because you may wind up reaching in your pocket and throwing it in your mouth and biting in to what you think is an almond only to have fish oil errupt in your mouth – I can pretty much guarantee you that you will immediately either dry heave or projectile vomit. Just take my word on that....Not tasty! 

Their products are sweetened with organic brown rice syrup and the protein source is a whey/casein blend. 

Good news, you have a chance to try them out as well.  The good people at Boundless Nutrition will provide one of my lucky readers with a box of 12 bars or cookies.  All you have to do to enter for your chance to win is:

-        Like Boundless Nutrition on FB and tell me you did
-        Like me on FB and tell me you did or already do 

For an extra entry tell me what your favorite protein bar thus far is.   

I will randomly select a winner on Saturday morning April 7th.  Good luck

As per all of my reviews, Boundless Nutrition provided me with the sampler pack for this giveaway. I was not compensated for this review in any way, and all opinions expressed are my own.


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  1. My favorite protein bars are the Builders by Clif Bar.

  2. Liked them. Like & follow you. I like Luna protein bar in cookie dough flavor. 12 grams of protein deliciousness.