It is so true that you cannot out train a bad diet!   You can work your ass off and then you can ruin it in an instant in the kitchen if you grab nothing but junk.  This is not saying you have to be perfect all the time, you can let yourself have a treat once in awhile but do not let unwise decisions sabotage your road to a better body.  I am far from perfect.  Sugar is my weakness, darn that stuff!  So wish it was healthy and I could sail off with it to a dessert island and just eat it all day long in all its wonderful forms....ok, focus Amy focus.  I do my best to limit and avoid the sweet goodness but I definitely have room for improvement too!
What healthy snacks are some of your fav's?  I am always looking for healthy meal and snack ideas for myself and my family and to pass on to my clients.
Some of my go to easy snacks are:
- Apple with all natural PB on it - yummers....doesn't PB make everything better :)
- Right now I am loving roasted cauliflower with pepper, sea salt and garlic powder (thanks to Christina, from http://www.theathletarian.com/)
- love pumpkin pancakes with honey and/or apples on top
- celery with PB - there is that PB again
- plain almonds are a good quick go to
Ok, I am making myself hungry :)
Eat clean, work hard, stay dedicated.


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