Ashley from Chobani sent me a fun package of a variety of their Greek Yogurts to try out and give a review on.

First of all, what I like about Greek Yogurt is the protein! In most cases, 2 times more then regular yogurt and I am always looking for easy ways to get more protein in my and my families diet. Chobani also contains five types of live and active cultures including three strains of probiotics. If you are not familiar with probiotics they are living organisms found in certain foods and dietary supplements that help replenish and strengthen the bacteria naturally living in your body.

I also appreciate the good source of calcium it contains and the fact that they are low in carb’s.

My favorite thing to use Greek yogurt for is to substitute it in place of mayonnaise or sour cream in recipes.  I have used it in protein pancakes, for making chicken salad sandwiches, in a fruit salad and the list goes on and on.

Greek yogurt is thick and creamy.  Much thicker then traditional yogurt.  It has real fruit at the bottom and you stir it up to mix it around.

The flavors I was sent to review were: blueberry, strawberry, black cherry, lemon, pineapple, mango, pineapple and plain. My favorite was the lemon and mango was a close 2nd. The tubs are large. 2 of my kids would share one and it would be the perfect size snack. So we all tasted each one. The boys really liked the strawberry the best (their ages range from 3-6) and they didn't even realize they were eating something good for them. I would say black cherry was my least favorite. There wasn’t anything wrong with it, it was just my least favorite flavor. I don’t know if I would ever eat the plain one by itself, but as mentioned above I use it as a substitute in a lot of recipes or you can add your own fruit to it or even honey or real maple syrup.

The biggest difference between the plain variety and the fruit flavors in terms of nutrition is the extra sugar and a smaller amount of protein. But the good thing about the fruit flavors is that there is REAL fruit at the bottom, not sugary flavored syrup, so make sure to stir up and then you can get fruit flavor in every bight.

In the flavored yogurts they lightly sweeten with real fruit chunks and with evaporated cane juice, a natural type of unrefined sweetener. That is why the sugar content is higher then the plain flavors.

As they mention on their site the 7g of sugar listed on the nutrition facts panels of the Plain 0% and 2% Chobani comes from a naturally occurring type of sugar found in all dairy products called “lactose.” This lactose, often called “milk sugar,” is the only sugar you’ll find as they don’t add sugar to their yogurt.

Another thing you may be wondering is – can you eat it if you have lactose sensitivity? Everyone’s allergies/sensitivities vary (I deal with them myself) but many can still eat Chobani’s b/c it is naturally lower in lactose than regular yogurt due to the straining it is made with, which removes more than 95% of the lactose.

Also, they point out that the probiotic cultures they add help to break down lactose so that it’s more easily digested.

So, overall I would recommend Chobani if you are looking for a great Greek Yogurt. If you are local I have seen it in Safeway.

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