I recently ran across a cool new thing online. It is the Conscious Box and it is a monthly delivery of pure and sustainable products that are handpicked from businesses that care for the planet. As their website describes each month you will:

• Get a variety of unique pure & natural products every month

• From organic food to vegan beauty products, you’re sure to find new favorites

• Discover ethical and purpose-driven businesses of all sizes

• Get content on daily living tips, exciting monthly themes, and creative ways to use your box!

So I talked to Jesse over at the Conscious Box and they sent me over a box to check out. It was so fun receiving this package, it felt like my birthday with all these fun little treats inside.

 I opened it up and I found a variety of green and eco friendly items such as:

-organic herbal chai tea

-reservatrol winetime bar (super fruits and dairy free)

-nature crops quinoa % strawberry nutrition bar (yummy)

-C3 a sugar free drink mix

- Dr Cleangreen’s handy essentials hand purifier (love it)

- emergin C kombucha cleanser

- Olbas pastilles herbal cough drops

- Natural vitality natural calm anti stress drink

- badger lip tint and shimmer (I am addicted to chapstick so love this)

- Baby goods diaper cream (I have a couple little bums around here to try this out on)

- himala salt – pink salt shaker. (Funny I just purchased pink salt the day before because I have seen it in a lot of new recipes I am trying out)

- and more! Such treats!

As I mentioned before, I love exploring different healthy products I find and this is a way to really test things out and you can see what kind of fun things you can discover.

For $12 a month, $33 for 3 months or $64 or 6 months (plus tax) you could get your own box of presents delivered to your door as well. I think this is such a fun thing to send yourself or someone you love. Hey, we all know that some people are just extra hard to shop for….well, why not try this out! I think anyone would appreciate it.

Check out more about their company and boxes at


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