Chia what??

Perhaps the first thing that pops into your head when I say chia is a chia pet not chia seeds!   Well time to think again.     
Now we know we should be popping these seeds into our mouths rather then putting them in a silly animal shaped pot and watching them grow.  Who knew, 30 years later that we would look at them a whole knew way.   Wow, I totally remember chia pets, do you?  Another reminder that I may not be so young anymore :)

Why should we add chia seeds to our diet?  Well, by now we all know how good omega-3's are for us.  By weight, chia contains more omega 3 than salmon.  Omega 3 oil is important in heart and cholesterol health.   Not only are they high in omega 3's but they also have omega 6's, antioxidants, protein, fiber (nearly 11 grams per oz) and calcium in them!

Chia seeds unique gelling action keeps you feeling full for hours.  Aren't we always looking for a way to feel full longer (well other then just constantly shoving food in our face)!  Both the gelling action of the seed, and it’s unique combination of soluble and insoluble fiber combine to slow down your body’s conversion of starches into sugars.

How can you incorporate them into your diet?  Whole and ground chia seeds can be added to fruit drinks, snack foods and cereals and you can even bake them into cookies and sprinkled them on yogurt.  Here is a recipe from Dr Oz for chia pomegranate pudding.  Try them out a number of different ways and see how you best enjoy adding them to your diet!


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