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Amazing Grass sent me a box full of awesome samples to try out and write a review on. Among other things their products are said to aid in digestion, stress, and energy. Most people I know need help with at least a few if not all of those things. I know I do. So I was anxious to try them out. Most importantly on was anxious to see how they tasted. I have never tried wheat grass before and my history with drinking “green” drinks hasn’t been the best because I just can’t choke down something I find terribly yucky.

As they say on their website, Amazing Grass, which is grown and harvested in Kansas, is certified organic and they don’t use herbicides or pesticides. Amazing Grass includes organic (red hard winter) wheat grass, organic barley grass, organic alfalfa, organic oat grass and organic rye grass. All grasses grow longer and cost more to produce, but the quality, superior nutrition and resulting health benefits are definitely worth it.

So now let’s get down to business and let me tell you what I think about the actual products I tried:

First off was the Berry whole food energy bar – it was actually very yummy – 210 cals 8 g fat, 5 g protein, and 26 g sugar The grams of sugar in the bar really scared me off but there is no sugar added and it is soy, dairy and gluten free, vegan. I had 3 of my kiddos try each bar and they weren’t falling for it. Perhaps because when you would bite inside it was green. Think that scared them off a bit :) I did like the taste of this one though.

Next was the Chocolate Peanut butter protein – thought it would be my favorite because chocolate and PB are 2 of my favorite things on earth and put them together and it is even better. Well this one was actually my least favorite. 270 cal’s, 14 g of fat and 19 g of sugar. Gluten free and has whey protein in it. So basically it is green super food with a chocolate covered covering on it. Let me just take this sad moment to say that my days of peanut butter and chocolate are over. Moment of silence please. Thank you :( Since I did this review peanuts were on the long list of things I found out I am allergic too. Thank goodness not in the swell your throat shut kind of way but more in the stomach problems kind of way. Oh heavens be. At least I am not sad to have this particular bar removed from my diet but peanuts and peanut butter, I will greatly miss you as I am sure you will miss me as I was a faithful friend.

I then tried the whole food energy bar; this was my favorite one people. Tasted so good! - gluten, soy and dairy free – vegan. It has 210 cal’s, 8 g of fat and 25 g of sugar. Sometimes we cannot let the sugar grams consume us. This bars primary sweetener was the organic dates which was the first ingredient listed.

Chocolate whole food energy bar – loved this one too. Gluten and dairy free, vegan. 230 cal’s, 9 g of fat and 27 g sugar.

All the bars are filled with 2/3 of a serving of the Amazing Grass Green SuperFood drink powder. They combine fruits and vegetables with our organic Green SuperFood drink powder. With the high calories you may be thinking you might as well have a candy bar but believe me these are MUCH, MUCH healthier options then a candy bar and do not have any of the “white devil” aka sugar that will leave you feeling drained.

Next thing I tried out was the Amazing Meal, the 100% whole food nutrition mix. Each serving has 10 grams of complete protein and 6 grams of fiber.

Amazing meal vanilla chai infusion – HOLY COW, can we all join together and say YUMMERS! Feel like I am doing something good for my body when I am drinking it, which I love. Such a smooth taste. 90 cal’s, 10 g protein , sugar is less then 1 g, which I adore. I would totally purchase this product!

Amazing meal pomegranate mango infusion was next – I was expecting it to taste fruity and I didn’t think it did at all. It was still good, not great but good. I like the vanilla chai over this one. 110 cal’s, 10 g protein, 6 g of fiber, 6 g of sugar, 1 g of fat.

Amazing meal chocolate infusion was my least favorite 1g of fat 110 cal’s, 10 g of protein, 6 g of fiber, 6 g of sugar.

Then I tried The Amazing Trio Barley Grass, Wheat Grass and Alfalfa – honestly I didn’t even know I took it. I put it in my protein shake with some blueberries and I didn’t even taste anything different. I was kind of going for that though. Wanted the nutrients but was a little nervous about just putting it in some water. The directions recommend mixing it with juice or a smoothie so I went with the latter. Just added 35 calories but lots of nutrients.

Green superfood orange dreamsicle drink powder – I mixed this up, it was green and I was not too optimistic that it would taste like an orange dreamsicle, but it did! It really did, I adored it, and I wish I didn’t drink it so fast so I could have enjoyed it longer. 30 cal’s and 1 gram of fat. 2g of protein and 0 g of sugar. It says it boosts energy and your immune system and those are 2 huge pluses in my eyes for sure. I would love to drink this again!

Antioxidant and greens powder GreenSuper Food – I wanted to see how this would taste just mixed in water…I was nervous…and I was right to be. It was gross; I could not drink it with just water. I didn’t want all those awesome antioxidants to go to waste so I poured them in my protein smoothie and I couldn’t taste it. So that is what I would do again in the future.

The green super food packets were next on my pile to try- Every serving is full of all of the necessary vitamins and minerals you and your family need. They were quite tasty (I preferred the berry flavor over the lemon lime and chocolate but that is very common for my taste preference) but the lemon lime gave more of an energy boost so if you are after that choose that one.

From the mixing it with water incident I decided to try the wheat grass drink powder in my protein/fruit smoothies and it tasted fine. I love the plethora of nutrients and goodness it socks into our bodies. Finding an easy way to sneak this into our diets is great in my eyes. Most of us can really use some help in that department so for that reason I recommend the Amazing Grass line. After everything was tried my 2 fav’s were the orange dreamsicle and the vanilla chai. I was very much in love with both of these.

My boys were excited that there were a couple things in the box that they could try. First off was the Kidz superfood wild berry – my kids LOVED it and it has 32 fruits and veggie’s you can’t get from a multivitamin in it. Each package provides the nutritional power of 3 servings of fruits and veggies – you gotta love that. You do have to be cautious to really stir and shake it up well because it can get a bit clumpy and my kiddos didn’t care for that too much.

Then came the Kidz Chocolate milk – I have 2 kiddos that like chocolate milk and unfortunately they did not feel the same about this one. I was hoping they would because it has 31 fruits and veggies in it. First of all the smell threw them off, it wasn’t horrible but to them it through them off and it just didn’t taste like the typical chocolate milk. So one sip was pretty much as far as they would go. My hubby agreed. The verdict is it tasted more like cocoa powder vs chocolate but to a kid who has never had chocolate milk before they may not be such a harsh critic.

You can check out their site for more info or to purchase products at  http://www.amazinggrass.com/

As always all opinions are my own and I was not paid to express them


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