Ok ladies, I had given into the fact that I just can't be one of those girls that rock a cute headband during their workouts (or really anytime for that matter) because this strange shaped melon that rests on top of my neck is large and funny shaped so it just wasn't meant to  be.  Well, I had been reading a lot about Chickbands and how much people liked them and I talked to Kara, the momma behind Chickbands and she sent me over one to review.  I have to admit, I thought it would just pop right off my head like every other headband I have ever tried out, so I was nervous to even try in front of my class and guess what.....that sucker stayed put.  Through tons of burpees and moving all around that sparkly strand of goodness was glued to this strange shaped melon.  Could it be that my head is not so odd after all and maybe I have just been using the wrong head bands.  Oh me, oh my :)
This is the sparkly one I tried out and I thought it was very cute

Kara is being so kind and offering up a giveaway a band to 3 of my lucky readers.  All you have to do to enter is:
- Like Designed To Be Fit on FB if you haven't already and tell me you did or that you already do AND
- Like Chickbands on FB and tell me you did
For an extra entry (one extra entry for each that you do):
- Check out Chickbands on Etsy and tell me which one you would be excited to try
- Share this post on your blog and/or FB page and tell me you did
- Follow my blog and tell me you did or do already
Winners will be chosen next week Tuesday April 3rd.


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  1. Well you know I already like and follow you. Liked chickbands forsure. Picking a favorite is hard. All the sparkly ones are at the top of my list and for non sparkly I like "Megan skinny". Although it's tough to pass up in all those princesses!

  2. I follow your blog:) I don't have facebook so I am out on those entries. I am always up for some hair bling!

  3. I love the autumn stripe thick band. So cute!

  4. I did all the things above - checked them out on Etsy - so many to choose from. Probably would pick the black or pink volleyball one since I am coaching that right now and it looks fun!

  5. Following you, chickbands and the black and white thin chickband.

  6. I like you on facebook. I like Chickbands on facebook. I follow your blog. I like the black sparkly headband or the black and white flower one!

  7. I like you on Facebook. I like Chickbands on Facebook. I follow your blog. I like the gunmetal sparkly headband or the purple sparely headband!

  8. I shared this post on my FB!