What's The Difference....

If you ever wonder what the difference is between signing up for my classes and going to classes at a fitness center here are just a few differences listed for you:
- We are ladies only in my bootcamp classes so you can feel very comfortable with some of the silly/awkward moves we do :)  And you don't have to try to impress any fellas with how high you can jump or feel self conscious when you are doing a difficult move etc.

- You can pretty much roll right out of bed, put on your fitness gear and come to class because it doesn't matter what you look like.  I look a bit scary, it is ok.  We don't judge :)  Well, maybe you can brush your teeth :)

- When you sign up for a class and pay the money you feel more of a motivation to go for a few reason.  For one, you want to get your moneys worth.  You also know that people know you signed up and will notice when you are not there and may ask why.

- For other classes or just the traditional gym setting you may feel or know that if you don't go no one will notice so you can slack off a little easier.  I will check on you if you are not in class, so you will feel an accountability.

- We become friends in these classes.  We get comfortable with each other and laugh with (not at) each other over some of the interesting things we get to do.

- I pay careful attention to each participant.  You are not just a number in class.  I get to know you. I modify things for you where needed.  Correct your form.  Make things harder where needed and offer motivation to get you through the moves.

- Each class is different, which keeps you guessing and keeps things fun and interesting.

- Come workout with us, you won't regret it!


Written by Admin

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