Hello everyone.  Hope you enjoyed your Memorial Weekend.  That is a holiday that tends to be filled with camping trips, BBQ's and get togethers with friends and family and that often means some treats offered up that you are not always exposed to.  How did you do?  I know I didn't do as well as I had hoped but that is ok.  That is all a part of life.  Every day is a new day and it is about dusting ourselves off and starting strong again.
Right before I left for our camping trip I received a fun package from Ashley at  Fierce Forward.   Inside were 2 of her Limitless Bracelets.   She makes these bracelets that motivate and inspire.

She sent the Purpose Bracelet which stands for Your vision, your direction. What is your purpose, why are you doing it and what will it mean to you. Rehearse and know it; know it to the bone.   Love that!  As well as the Grounded one which  stands for your foundation.  Standing tall and fierce, you know not only where you are going but where you came from and who you are.  You may sway with the wind, but you are strongly rooted in the ground. 
I am suppose to offer one as a giveaway, but sorry I just can't part with one so you can just drool from a far....hehe, guess I better not be guess what....GIVEAWAY TIME  :)  One lucky reader will win  the Grounded bracelet and it is very cute (they both are).  Love the color of it.  The bracelets are handmade and have great quality.  Stretchy to fit your wrist and have a stainless steal charm.  You will love it.  Super easy to be eligible to win all you need to do it like Fierce Forward on FB and me and check out her website or etsy store and tell me (either by posting here or on my FB page) which bracelet is your favorite.  I think a couple more of my fav's are the Commitment one and the Growth one!   I know I would love to stack a bunch of them up my arm!!  Who wants to send some to me....hehe :)
I will randomly select a winner this Saturday, June 1st.  Good luck!


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  1. Congrat's to Janna Libolt, you are the winner of the Grounded bracelet :)