Does your mood need a boost?    I have talked about this before but it is such an important reminder so I want to touch on it again.  Depression, anxiety, stress, etc are all so very prevalent in todays society.  We all have a million things going on and might not be dealing with it in the best way.  The dark and dreary days that sometimes come about this time of year can also put a damper on peoples attitudes.  Well, get moving.  Exercise is the cheapest antidepressant!  It is amazing what a good workout session can do for you!  I know it works wonders for me.  I am a happier person when I get a workout in that is for sure!  You don't need a gym membership, or fancy equipment (of course awesome if you have them); just some comfi clothes, a good pair of shoes and get moving.  Walking is easy and cheap and the perfect way to get started working out. excuses.  I know you are busy, I know you are down, but I promise, the only workout you regret is the one you missed!  So in the words of Barney Stinson (kind of) "lace up"  you don't even need to leave your house, just lace up those shoes and get that heart rate up.  Sweat is satisfying!


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